What we do.

Highest quality is more than a target for us. We stand for first-class technology services in assembly plant engineering. We recognize industry trends at an early stage and support our customers in taking advantage of market opportunities.

Our services.



Concept creation | 3D layout creation with operating equipment | Digital factory planning | Plant planning | Process and project planning based on detailed product information | Division of joining steps and work content per work station with cycle time layout


LH creation | Tender | Bid review | Build-to-print manufacturing | Support


Clamping and fixturing concept | Process devices | Handling systems | Assembly devices | Prototype devices | Cycle time calculation | Part manipulation | Pneumatic plans | Flow diagrams | Function plan | Layout | Risk analysis | Documentation according to MRL | Cost calculation 

3D simulation 

Detailed planning with concept validation | Material flow simulation | Cycle time validation | Costing | Budget estimates | Production cost calculation of the operating resources (mechanical and electrical) 


Risk analysis | Operator manual & instructions | Plant documentation | Establishment of CE conformity | Pneumatic and function plans | Hydraulic plans and maintenance instructions 

testing technology

Battery and system assembly equipment design | EOL test bench technology for battery cells, battery modules and packs | Test equipment | Electrical design | PLC and test bench software

Function diagram 
and pneumatics 

Representation of the functional sequences | Pneumatic actuators and valve positions 

Software construction

Structured PLC programming | E-plan design | Process software development | Measurement software | Remote maintenance | Years of experience in IBN on site 

Commissioning PLC
and robot

OLP programming | Robot basic IBN on site | Robot simulation | Cycle time simulation


GC plant engineering.

We are a system supplier that also acts as a general contractor for the entire plant construction in new business fields.

So far, this scope of services has been limited to the area of end-of-line test benches for batteries, where we have extensive implementation know-how. 
We combine the expertise of specialized companies from the fields of assembly technology, software development, and power electronics to provide a comprehensive offering for assembly, production, and commissioning. 
Contracts are exclusively awarded to well-known and certified manufacturing and assembly companies.

Our remote support service as a general contractor includes remote access by experts to our customers' networks, including fault analysis in the event of a machine malfunction. We are a leader in the measurement and testing of battery modules and battery packs. 
Our customers trust in our high measurement quality and cost-effective system technology. As a general contractor responsible for the complete system, we have successfully realized numerous end-of-line test stands in both Germany and the USA. 

Development & Innovation.

As a system supplier and process developer, we not only implement our customers' manufacturing processes, but our experienced team is also capable of designing the product to be manufactured, especially in the case of series expansion.

Our designers work with a high sense of responsibility, consistently examining assembly-technical aspects, optimizing cycle times, ensuring quality assurance, maximizing capacity utilization, and guaranteeing work safety at all times. 

We continuously innovate based on the classic elements of jig and fixture construction in assembly. We create new solutions while also improving automation and processes using proven elements. The key to our success lies in listening to our customers: you tell us your needs, and we develop a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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