End-of-line test technology for US automotive supplier.


System supplier h-kon carries out EoL testing stand at a US automotive supplier.

Thanks to expertise from Ravensburg, the electrification of mobility in Germany is becoming more and more of a reality. System supplier and process developer h-kon is implementing a major order for end-of-line testing stand technology at a production facility of a US automotive supplier in Darmstadt. The testing is conducted on battery modules for public transport vehicles in a three-shift operation. The customer-specific end-of-line testing system was developed by h-kon and meets the highest process accuracy, stable automation processes, and availability. 
Founded in 2006 and based in Ravensburg, the company foresaw the boom in electromobility early on. Since 2018, h-kon has been planning and developing battery module assembly and battery pack assembly systems. Just one year later, the company also ventured into the design of end-of-line testing technology for battery modules and RCB testers. In this innovative and new business field, h-kon has established itself not only as a system supplier but also as a general contractor with the help of experienced partners in power electronics and manufacturing. 

h-kon on a growth trajectory

With success: After receiving the first order for end-of-line testing stands for a US production facility of the automotive supplier a few years ago, the equipment supplier was already involved in a new order for plant expansion at the end of 2021. The order for the Darmstadt production facility now marks another major order for end-of-line testing stand technology. 
In light of this, the Ravensburg-based company expects a significant increase in performance for the current fiscal year. Specifically, h-kon anticipates an increase of approximately 60 percent in performance compared to the previous year's value. In 2021, the total performance amounted to 3.8 million euros. 
"The outlook is extremely promising," says Roland Arnold, Managing Partner of h-kon GmbH, and adds, "Due to the rapid growth, we will also adapt our number of employees to the new requirements and are looking for experts to complement our development teams." Currently, around 15 employees work for h-kon. The majority-owned system supplier is part of the Schulz Group, a technologically oriented corporate group that h-kon can additionally rely on for extensive expertise in robotics and digital factory planning.

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