Extensive expertise in the field of test bench technology.


Battery technology is constantly advancing. Particularly in terms of performance and cost reduction, the expectations are immense. In parallel, new demands are being placed on production and testing systems. It's no wonder that energy storage in batteries is considered one of the fundamental key technologies for the energy transition. 
For the transformation to be successful, it requires a multitude of companies committed to continuously developing battery technology and its associated components. One of these innovation drivers is h-kon. Whether cylindrical cells, prismatic cells, or pouch cells, the experienced engineers at the company from Upper Swabia ensure high process accuracy, stable automation processes, and high throughput at low production costs. 
The work steps of welding, bonding, gluing, screwing, or crimping are skillfully combined with efficient manipulation of the components. In addition, precise documentation of the production processes, camera documentation, and traceability are considered fundamental components of the development process at h-kon. The complex requirements in terms of testing stand technology are consolidated in the "Testing Technology" business area of the design office and plant builder, seamlessly connecting to the battery production systems designed by h-kon and connected via MES. 

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